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PerformEX Kids

PerformEX Kids

The goals of Performex Kids Pediatrics Services focus is:

· To create opportunities for team centered approach by collaborating with caregivers, physicians, therapists, teachers and others involved in the child’s care.

· To be a resource for parents to understand their child’s needs and how to carry over in their environment.

· To treat the child with an individualized lens focusing on their interests to increase child engagement.

· To create bonds of security and trust in an engaging environment to achieve their unique goals.

· To create independence of their ADL’s and IADL’s meaningful to families and the child.

At Performex Kids Pediatric Services in our interactive and engaging sensory gym we use play to improve engagement and participation in our occupational therapy sessions to work on development of sensory processing skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, visual motor skills, executive functioning skills, bilateral skills, coordination skills, core and upper extremity strength, motor planning, visual perceptual skills, activities of daily living, social emotional skills and handwriting skills.

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Bergen County, NJ

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